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Rating: B+

By David Benioff Current revision by David Ayer
102 pages, dated 06/01/06

Yo! The netís numero uno script reviewer El Almighty Mayimbe here with yet another huge script frying in my salten (Frying pan for all you non Latino folks). With the summer blockbuster season in full swing and the 4th of July around the corner, we got ourselves the script for a sure to be summer blockbuster film written by David BenioffÖWOLVERINE! Yes, the good folks at Latinoreview got ourselves the very kick ass Wolverine script!

Yes, thatís the verdictÖthe script kicks ass bub!

Off the bat, yes this is a prequel before the current slate of X-Men films and yes this is about Logan and the Weapon X program. Iím just the messenger, so be nice and get over it.

A few things, yesterday was announced that supposedly the film will come out in 2007 then it got corrected that because there is not a director and because of Hugh Jackmanís busy schedule we wonít see it until 2008.

Thatís a bummer because in my opinion, the script is ready to go. The structure is there, the beats are there, the plot is there and it works. The script flows well and is very organic.

Now before yaíll ask since this is a prequel, no, unfortunately no Frank Miller samurai stuff but yes we see Logan back in Vietnam.

Now I still havenít seen X-Men 3, being Latino, Iím waiting for it to come out on bootleg (just kidding)! But seriously, since I hear from fans that it is not all that, Iíll get to it before they pull it from the theaters but Wolverine for sure will put the steam in the mutant movie genre.

As a comic book origin movie, WOLVERINE is one of the better ones. Itís not corny.

Ok, so letís take a sneak peek at ACT 1 of the scriptÖI will paint broad strokes and keep the spoilers lite.

In the 1st four pages we meet Logan as a 12 yr old boy, undersized and feral on a rural road on his way home from school. I couldnít help stop thinking of feral kid from the Mad Max films. But anyway 4 towering high school football players pick him on. They pick on him because Loganís dad robbed the local truck stop last year. Logan doesnít back down as GILMAN punches Logan in the face twice. The gash on Loganís face heals itself in front of Gilman and Logan goes into an inhuman rage and beats the shit out of the football players. Three bone claws spring from Loganís hand, serrated and razor sharp as he goes in to finish Gilman. This is the first time that Loganís bone claws appear to him and he is shocked more than his attackers. The football playersí escape alive and Logan looks at his bone claws and screams outÖ

ÖLogan in present day wakes up. It was a dream from his childhood. His girlfriend, 25-year-old KAYLA SILVERFOX, a full-blooded innu, wakes up with Logan and calms him down. Logan shredded the bed sheets while he was dreaming. He also scratched her by accident during the dream. Logan reminds her that they need new bed sheets and with that said, we cut to the INCITING INCIDENT scene at a Carnival in this New England town that has this mutant named BEAK. Beak hangs out in this trailer with SHERRLENE, and plays gin and drinks rum. A knock is heard outside the trailer, Beak opens the door and a towering figure in a long black coat looms besides the trailerís door.

VICTOR CREED (who we know will become Sabretooth) is shrouded in the shadows. He grins and his white fangs gleam. You see in the script, Victor Creed is going around killing mutants and is on some Terminator mutant killing spree. Beak begs for his life but Creed kills him.

Back at Loganís cabin in Canada, he smokes a cheap cigar and chops foxwood. TWO GOVERNMENT types in dark suits and black overcoats approach Logan. One of them is STYRKER (the Brian Cox character from the x-men films) who was a colonel in the Special Forces. The other is CRISTOPH NORD, a.k.a. AGENT ZERO who looks more like a death row convict than a military man. A family of tattooed spiders walks down Nordís neck.

There is a history between Nord and Logan and the memories are not fond. Stryker and Nord work with the Department of Agriculture, Pest control division. They work with exterminators. This is a call to adventure/refusal of the call scene because Stryker wants Logan back. He reminds Logan that he is a born warrior and that he canít hide that forever. Logan prefers his $18,500 yearly job as a lumberjack and is content chopping down trees because he hasnít killed anyone in 3 years. Stryker is putting together a team, best men in the business, men with special qualities like Logan. A team of hunters that go after some very bad people. Logan refuses. Stryker warns and tells Logan that mutants are being killed. The killers have names and they have addresses. Logan tells Stryker that he can take care of himself. Stryker tells Logan to forget about himself, that his country needs him and Logan tells Stryker that he is Canadian. Logan leaves.

Logan picks up Kayla at her job. She is a 4th grade schoolteacher. He tells her that Colonel Stryker wants him back and that he refused. They go back to their cabin and have a moonlit romantic evening where Kayla goes into this innu myth exposition about the Wolverine animal. Outside the cabin, something watches from the dark woods, something monstrous, its black talons carving gashes in the trunk of a pine tree.

We cut to the next morning where Kayla drops off Logan at his job at the logging camp. She leaves. Later Logan and his coworkers, 3 lumberjacks, discover a severed bearís head, haloed by buzzing flies, as it rots in the sun. One of the lumberjacks inquire why would the hunter leave the head? Logan says that a bullet didnít kill the bear, claws did.

On a narrow access road, Kayla drives her truck and nearly collides with a man in a long black coat. The manís back is turned to the truck, his head bowed. His hair hangs below his shoulders, clotted with dirt, as if heís been sleeping in the woods for weeks. Kayla leans out of the open truck window. Before she can speak, the man in the long black coat turns. Itís not just his size that is scary, though the man is massive. Itís not the four inch long black talons curling from his fingertips, or the gleaming fangs he licks as he smiles at her. What is most terrifying is his eyes. They are a sharkís eyes. Black and loveless and utterly inhuman.


He walks toward the truck and scrapes his talons over the hood. Five parallel gashes now scar the hood, carved straight to steel.

Back at the timber stand, Logan and his hearing (kind of like Superman) hear a distant scream. The scream is familiar to Logan. He runs for dear life toward the access road. He gets there too late. A pool of blood is beneath Kayla who is curled in fetal position on the side of the road.

Victor Creed killed Kayla!

Logan cradles Kayla in his arms. He rocks her back and forth, her lifeless body clutched tightly in his arms, his eyes clenched shut. The veins in Loganís neck bulge, every muscle in his body tenses, as if there is a beast inside Logan trying to break free of his skin.

We cut to the local dive bar, Casadyís Bar & Grill where Victor Creed is enjoying his George Dickel Tennessee whiskey. He asks the owner if he has insurance on the place because it is about to get ugly.

Logan walks into the tavern, sniffing the air. He sees Creed sitting there on the barstool and then all hell breaks loose. Creed and Logan brawl for the next 3 pages and Creed beats the shit out of Logan, the beating is so bad that Loganís healing factor cannot keep up with the violence done to his body by Creed. Creed crushes Loganís bone claws and leaves him for dead.

We cut to an emergency room where Logan is brought in. His healing factor saved his life and worked itís magic before the doctors attend to Logan. Stryker is there. Logan wants to know where Creed is. Stryker tells Logan that he can help Logan find Creed. Creed escaped from an ultramax penitentiary in Nevada last year and that he started murdering mutants. Stryker tells Logan that Creed has the list, the list of every known mutant in North America. Government has been keeping it for years. Names, addresses, everything. Logan asks how did Creed get the list? Stryker informs Logan that someone must have leaked it to him. There are people in Washington who want to see all the mutants destroyed. Logan tells Stryker that his plan is to find Creed and end him. Stryker tells Logan that he canít beat Creed the way Logan is now. Not unless Stryker gives Logan tools. Stryker tells Logan that if he comes with him, Logan will suffer more pain than any other man could bear and that Logan will have his revenge.

We cut to Alkali Lake where a black helicopter lands on a concrete helipad inside the walls of a massive compound. Logan, Stryker, and Agent Zero roll out of the helicopter.

Next in a surgical prep room, Logan lies naked on his back on an examining table. We meet a red-bearded scientist DR. CORNELIUS and an Army surgeon CAROL HINES. They are going to make Logan indestructible. Stryker leaves and Hines catches up to him in the corridor. Hines is concerned that Logan might not survive the experiment.

Itís no secret to comic book and movie fans that the experiment is obviously the Adamantium bonding process to Loganís bones.

We cut to a surgical theater where Hines and two medical technicians accompany Logan to a water filled plexiglass tank the size of a lidless coffin. An array of stainless steel machines crowds around the tank, including a series of robotic arms that taper into foot-long needles. One wall of the theater is glass. Behind the glass is the control room, where Stryker looks on, hands behind his back. Dr. Cornelius and several support staff enter data into computers monitoring the experiment. Logan removes his robe and hands it to Hines before stepping into the tank of water. One of the technicians fastens a breathing tube, connected to an oxygen tank, to Loganís mouth. Logan lies down, submerging himself in the cold water. The technician clamps Loganís wrists and ankles into place with stainless-steel shackles bolted to the plexiglass walls.

Loganís eyes are wide open, as he watches the robotic arms swivel into place, poised above him like a gang of metal vipers.

In the control room, GENERAL MUNSON stands in the back of the room, observing the experiment with great interest. Agent Zero leans against the back wall, bored, cracking his knuckles.

Logan lies underwater, watching as the robotic arms descend toward him. The needles begin to spin at high speed, like massive power drills. They churn the water when they enter. Logan closes his eyes as the needles enter his body. In the control room, Cornelius gives the order to commence feed. The technicians enter commands, watching close-up images of the procedure on their monitors. Logan writhes in the tank. Twelve long needles have drilled into his bones, including his skull commencing the feed at a rate of twenty-nine ccís per second. CoŮo that must hurt!

In the control room, Stryker addresses the general. The general is witnessing medical history in the making as they begun bonding adamantium to Weapon Xís skeleton. General Munson tried to use that stuff for tank armor but it is too damn expensive. It took 3 years to prepare enough alloys for the skeleton. The General says that if the experiment works, Weapon X wonít be walking through any metal detectors.

Strykerís response is that if the experiment works, Weapon X will walk wherever he wants and with that said we reach the end of the 1st act and our sneak preview.

As a treat for comic book fans, because I know I am going to get asked this, what mutants or who else is in this you might ask?

* ® Loganís buddy from back in his military days JOHN WRAITH.
® BARBARUS a brutally muscled mutant with four arms, all sleeved in tattoos.

What else? The whole Weapon X experiment has a much larger role in this script and in Strykerís overall plan, we get to see Logan in berserker mode, the origin of his name, the eventual rematch with Creed, and of course his eventual memory loss, which is handled here and quite nicely I might add.

Even though some fans prefer to see the whole weapon x thing resolved in the x-men films, I disagree, I think it should be handled in his own stand alone film ever since I saw the flashbacks and hints of Wolverineís origins in the films. You can see since the x-men films that they were already setting up this current screenplay. I was salivating at the thought of a Weapon X film. Even though this is a prequel film, it is possible there could be more than one Wolverine film, perhaps his own trilogy. This one stands well on its own and leaves it open for sequels. My biggest treat so far in scripts this year has been reading the Transformers and now Wolverine. David Benioff is a very good writer and he did his homework and earned his paycheck. He found a way to balance and make the comic and movie counterparts tie in together in an organic way. Iím sure the lot of you wonít be disappointed. As long as the script is there and itís on the page (which it is), the studio has a blueprint to make a successful film, whether 2007 or 2008. So donít worry it wonít be rushed. So all you anti-Tom Rothman fans get off his nut sack, he did a good thing by getting himself a top-notch writer who delivered. So here is hoping that we see this in 2007, everyone have a happy 4th of July, Iím off to detonate blockbusters and bottle rockets, and stick to us Latin boys here at Latinoreview to keep bringing you the 1st looks at the hottest screenplays for the hottest upcoming potential blockbusters. As the song goes from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, nobody does it better.


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